.TES-WEB studio for Stylish database developments
to Jpn
Commissioned development System integretion
We will undertake development work.
We will undertake development work.
TES-WEB think to take care of communication with the client is important.
We check all the requirements with the client,
We will report on the status and development sequentially to you.
TES-WEB think that trust leads to results.

From the WEB site that has the functions to groupware,please order to TES-WEB
[Pet dog foster parent, matchmaking matching feature original SNS]

* pet dog health management diary
(Walk time, and diary recording & FLASH animation graph the pet food types)
* foster parent recruitment application matching function
* matchmaking matching function
* automatic email notification of desired species at the time of registration
* Other

[ Study Abroad school search site ]
* The one-shot search for study abroad that best match in the region other detailed conditions
* school information can manage from the management screen.